Silicone Hydrogel (SiHy) lenses have been the most highly recommended lenses in recent times. So what is so good about SiHy lenses? Are SiHy lenses suitable for everyone?

What are SiHy lenses?

SiHy lenses are just like any other normal soft contact lenses but with Silicone added into the mix. Silicone is a mixture of various elements including key elements of oxygen and silicon. Silicone is added to increase the amount of oxygen passing through the contact lenses.

What are the benefits of using SiHy lenses?

The most important benefit of all is definitely the increased amount of oxygen reaching the cornea. The cornea does not have blood vessels to supply oxygen like our other organs. Just like how oxygen is quintessential to the proper functioning of all our organs, it is to the functioning of our cornea. Normal soft lenses do not provide your eyes the optimal levels of oxygen required. Top quality SiHy lenses allow 98% of oxygen to reach the cornea. So with higher oxygen flow, the chances of developing hypoxia related complications such as swelling and clouding are greatly reduced. To minimalize the chances of infections to almost zero, then silicone hydrogel daily disposable lenses are the best choice.

SiHy lenses also allows you to wear your lenses for longer hours compared to normal lenses. In most cases, wearers of SiHy lenses do not have end of day discomfort symptoms like red, dry and tired eyes. SiHy lenses are also usually slightly thicker due to the silicone component, making it easier for you to handle it while putting them on, washing them etc.

Are SiHy lenses suitable for everyone?

Despite the amazing ability of SiHy lenses to pass on oxygen to the cornea through the lenses, they are not suitable for all. SiHy lenses are normally stiffer than normal lenses. Some people develop friction related discomfort due to this stiffness. SiHy lenses are also not suitable for people with severe allergies.

The only way to know for sure is to consult an Optometrist to understand whether the current condition of your eyes allows for SiHy lenses wear. Do not hesitate to call our optometrist to find out more about SiHy lenses wear.

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