“Someone is seducing our top agents.

As you can see, she's a master of disguise.

But Austin, whatever you do, don't fall in love.”

This Austin Powers intro to the “Beautiful Stranger” track is set to turn a switch in the brain as to what the Madonna persona is all about. With her four-decade career, this pop icon never ceases to keep the world on its toes, due to her outstanding musical performance, amazing stamina, and her always fresh fashion approach; a true master of disguise in every sense of the word.

A style chameleon with an unfixed fashion compass, Madonna is “every woman” if we were to quote the famous Whitney Huston truism. Impersonating both the ingénue and the femme fatale, Madonna played the part and made history on all accounts, weather she sang the blues or “wore the pants”. You may recall her ‘80s tom-boy style, with her boyish figure and short hair, her crucifixes jumble, cropped tops and feisty attitude, see her as the flapper-chic, platinum “blonde ambition” or still have a nostalgia for the gothic, super straight Asian inspired jet-black hair. No matter the phase, the Madonna phenomenon paved the ground for many future female artists for generations to come, forging through her artistic expression, fashion forward style and unapologetic, outspoken personality.

But above all, Madonna remains a true cultural icon and a real role model for liberated women everywhere, as she pushed the boundaries of social norms and never let tradition determine her nature. 

Following the release of her Rebel Heart album, Madonna goes to prove that she hasn’t lost her edge by embarking on a worldwide concert tour, that will bring the queen of pop on the stage of Singapore’s National Stadium, as of  28th of this month.

Looking through her multi-faceted fashion archive we stumbled upon some raw polaroids shot by Gary Heery for her very first 1983 album. These archive gems reveal the original material girl, sporting the classic Wayfarer as one startling fashion forward combo, to say the least. And as true sunglass enthusiasts we couldn’t help but afford all credits to this pristine look of a true legend in the making.

It’s only customary by now, that you should trust See Chic on all things groovy when it comes to the connoisseur concert goer. Go with your rebel heart instincts and shop the Wayfarers here.