How to care for your sunglasses?


It is an absolutely amazing feeling to receive a much desired pair of sunglasses. You spend a lot of time checking it out, trying it on and uploading selfies of yourself in your new sunglasses. You start wearing them every day, everywhere and sometimes even at night when there is clearly no need for sunglasses. And in a couple of months, you take a look at your sunglasses, your eyes widen and your jaws drop as you notice the multiple scratches and coating peels due to a little bit of mishandling. So, what should you have done?

How to protect your sunglasses?

First and foremost, always put your sunglasses in a protective case. Keeping them in the original case that came along with the sunglasses would be the ideal solution. However, if your particular pair of sunglasses does not come with a case or the case is simply too bulky for your needs, it is advisable to invest in an affordable, lightweight but strong case to prevent any damages. Placing them in soft pouches and chucking them in hang bags or luggage may not be the best way to care for your delicate sunglasses.

How NOT to clean your sunglasses?

The most common ways of cleaning your sunglasses would be to clean them with your shirt or a piece of tissue paper. Those are the one of the worst ways to clean your sunglasses. Who knew?! Our shirts or tissue papers for that matter are not made of the appropriate microfiber needed for a scratch-free cleaning of the lenses. Worse still, there may be debris stuck on the shirt which can scratch the lenses.

How to clean your sunglasses?

Start by rinsing your sunglasses in warm running water. Next, you may want to add some really mild hand soap to the lenses and work up a good lather. Slowly work your way all around the frames from the front to the back and also around the nooks and crannies. Rinse it thoroughly again under warm running water. Use a microfiber cloth, there is usually one that comes with the purchase with all sunglasses, to gently wipe away all of the remaining water on the sunglasses. If you are not intending to use it immediately then leaving it to air dry would be a smart choice.

What else should you do?

You may want to regularly check to see if the hinges are well tightened. Loose screws can come off at the most inopportune time and get on your nerves. Worst still if you lose a screw and can’t find a replacement. You may also want to check if any attachments on the sunglasses are loose or about to fall off. Lastly, see if the sunglasses are resting well on the face. It may not look perfectly aligned if you place it on the table because as surprising as it may sound, most of our faces are not entirely symmetrical. If it somehow doesn’t look right on the face, simply drop by any optical shop. They would be more than happy to help you get it aligned.

Now, you have all you need to know in order to protect that stunning sunglasses of yours.