Are you suitable for Contact Lenses wear?

Before you jump on the contact lenses bandwagon or join the anti-contact lenses movement, you need to first understand what kind of visual requirements you have.

  • Are you comfortable wearing glasses all day?

  • Do you like how you look without glasses?

  • Do you play sports?

  • Are you satisfied with your glasses but wish to make do without them on occasions?

There are definitely other important eye health factors that you would need to consider before you decide. It is Important that you consult an Optometrist first before making a decision.

If your Optometrist has given you the green light to wear contact lenses then you are good to go. But before that let’s look at what are the advantages of wearing contact lenses and some disadvantages too.

Advantages of wearing contact lenses:

  • Contact Lenses sit directly on top of your Cornea. This makes contact lenses conform to the natural curve of your eyes. This gives you an unobstructed wide field of view like you’ve never experienced before with glasses

  • Contact lenses allow you to play almost any type of sports without the restriction of having glasses on your face which is always slipping and sliding

  • Contact lenses do not fog up when you are perspiring or in a cold environment

  • Contact lenses are relatively affordable compared to a pair of glasses

  • Contact lenses allow you to adorn a pair of sunglasses without having to get them prescribed with thick and heavy lenses

  • Contact lenses come in many colourful and vibrant designs from which you can choose the ones that best fit your style

Disadvantages of contact lenses:

  • Poor hygiene habits can increase the chances of eye infections. It’s important that you form good hygiene habits from the start. Ask your Optometrist for good tips on how to clean and store your lenses properly. The best way to reduce chances of infections is to wear daily disposable lenses. With daily disposable lenses, you only touch them once when you’re putting them on. With clean and disinfected hands, the chances of infections are really low

  • Some contact lenses restrict the amount of oxygen flowing to the cornea. However, with the new age silicone hydrogel lenses, your eyes get almost 100% oxygen permeability

Are you ready to wear contact lenses?